Legal trainings

Specially for you, we offer trainings for various types of companies and businesses with experts of Crowe LF Ukraine
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Legal trainings for employees

It is not a secret that there is a wide practice not to hire workers, but to establish relationships with them as with private entrepreneurs. Another thing is that the entrepreneurs themselves often perceive these relations as labor relations.

These facts are in the sphere of interest of Tax and other state authorities. There are more and more repeated facts when state bodies interview or question private entrepreneurs for the facts of labour relations reskilled to subcontracting service. Therefore, to avoid risks due to incorrect understanding of the relationship, there is a sense to conduct special
Crowe LF Ukraine trainings for the entrepreneurs.

In addition, in recent years the state authorities have increased the pressure on business in the form of searches, seizures, etc. (especially in the IT-sphere). Therefore,
Crowe LF Ukraine offers training of workers to such dialogue, that helps to minimize the risks for the enterprise.