minimum monthly salary

Legislative changes in HR and payroll 2023

minimum monthly salary

Minimum salary

The amount of the minimum monthly salary from 1st January 2023 will be € 700. This amount refers to employees who are employed on a permanent employment contract. If the working hours are shorter, the minimum monthly salary is proportionally reduced.

The hourly minimum salary will be € 4.023.


vyvoj minimalnej mzdy

Graph Minimum salary in the Slovak Republic 2014 - 2023
Source: CA based on statistical data

Overview of employee contributions for the monthly minimum salary in 2023:

Social Insurance (9.4% of gross salary) = € 65.80
Health Insurance (4% of gross salary) = € 28
Tax = €37.23
Net minimum monthly salary = € 568.97

Overview of employer contributions for the monthly minimum salary in 2023:

Social Insurance (25.2% of gross salary) = € 176.40
Health Insurance (10% of gross salary) = € 70

The cost of an employee with the minimum monthly salary for the company = € 946.40

Tax bonus in 2023

In addition to the minimum salary, the tax bonus will also increase from January 1, 2023. This is its second increase in a short time, as it was already increased in July 2022.

The following amounts will apply:

  • children under 18 years = € 140 (for a period of two years),
  • children over 18 years = € 50.

The maximum amount of the tax bonus, which represents an increasing percentage of the tax base depending on the number of children, remains in force. This means that in reality the tax bonus may be different from the above values.

The income of both parents will be taken into account and if the parent could not claim the full amount of the tax bonus during the year due to his partial tax base, he will be able to do so when submitting a tax return in which he will also state the partial tax base of the other parent. When their combined partial tax base is sufficient, they can claim the full amount.

Increase in meal allowance

As of 2023, there will most likely be another increase in the meal allowance, which should look like this:

  • € 6.80 – time zone 5 to 12 hours,
  • € 10.10 – time zone 12 to 18 hours,
  • € 15.30 – over 18 hours.

Based on that, following amounts will apply:

  • the maximum value of the meal voucher will be € 6.80
  • the employer's maximum contribution per meal voucher will be € 3.74
  • the minimum value of the meal voucher will be € 5.10
  • the minimum contribution of the employer to the meal voucher will be € 2.81

In case the employer provides a financial contribution to the employees, the following amounts will apply:

  • minimum value of the financial contribution = € 2.81
  • maximum value of the financial contribution = € 3.74

The financial contribution/meal vouchers can also be paid by the employer from the social fund, without limit. Meal vouchers and a financial contribution for meals are provided in advance.

Electronic meal vouchers

There is another change in the meal policy, namely the transition from paper vouchers to only electronic form. An exception will be the situation when the employee cannot use the electronic meal card during the work shift at or near the workplace. The distance is not defined in the law.
Employers should return unused meal vouchers to the issuing companies.