HR and Payroll

HR and Payroll

Crowe provides comprehensive outsourcing of payroll and HR agendas, which allows you to reduce the cost of running a separate department in the client's own direction.
Our goals

Our goals and services

Our highly skilled legal, tax, accounting and audit professionals ensure our clients benefit from a comprehensive service package. We update our clients about any new obligations by constantly monitoring amendments to national and EU legislation.

We provide high quality and efficient process-oriented management, with confidentiality ensured in accordance with the new Amendment to the Act on Personal Data Protection effective from 1.7.2013. 

Our standard payroll and HR services include:

  • Calculation of payroll, social security contributions and taxes
  • HR administration (maintenance of personnel files, labour law advisory, maintenance of attendance systems, benefits-in-kind administration, etc.)
  • Preparation of bank transfers and execution of to-order payments
  • Delivery of payslips by e-portal, e-format or secured hard copy
  • Preparation of statutory reports for tax authorities and social security institutions
  • Registration and de-registration of employees with authorities
  • Other statutory registrations, notifications and reports for authorities
  • Preparation of specific reports
  • Annual tax reconciliation
  • Statutory reports for Slovak Statistics Office
  • Confirmation of income upon employee request
  • Consultancy

Contact Person

Jana Mrenov√°
Jana Mrenová 
Payroll Manager
Contract Administration (Slovakia) s.r.o.

HR and Payroll