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Why now is a good time to decide how to respond to mandatory capitalization

The lasting effects of Section 174 might be greater than anticipated, so it’s best to act early and be prepared. Businesses should consider: 

  • Cash flow impact 
  • Tax provision impact  
  • Foreign tax issues 
  • State and local tax 

While additional published guidance is needed about the new procedures outlined in Revenue Procedure 2023-8, a streamlined process can help businesses be better prepared.  

The confusion around Section 174 should not delay your approach to planning for its impact.   

Crowe can work with you to design an approach based on your systems and records and weigh the impacts of your positions against other areas of your tax strategy.  

The process of navigating Section 174 is much more than a compliance exercise. If you haven’t yet thought about how to respond to Section 174, many tax planning strategies could fit your situation. It’s time to start thinking about your approach now. 

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Our expertise can help you tackle complex rules

Not all companies have the in-house expertise to manage through the complex legislation and the impacts on your business. Rely on our Section 174 consultants to help you handle the complex rules and requirements of mandatory capitalization. 
Proactive tax planning
We can help you model out the impact Section 174 mandatory capitalization could have on your tax planning strategy now and in the future.
Proactive tax planning
Design a process
Our specialists can help analyze existing books and records to determine a seamless approach to quantifying and recording your Section 174 spend.
Design a process
Correlation to other positions
We can help you balance your Section 174 positions with how they relate to other material positions on your tax return, including the research and development (R&D) tax credit.
Correlation to other positions

Don’t allow last-minute changes with Section 174 to catch you off guard; instead, turn to our trusted specialists

We know the changing and confusing tax regulations around Section 174 can be stressful. That’s why we offer a dedicated and highly attentive team that is both knowledgeable about the costs around R&D and dedicated to helping you find the best possible solution. Our team’s mission is to provide exceptional client service while trying to help you achieve your goals.

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