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Maximize ROI with a flexible and agile R&D tax credit approach

Yesterday’s approach for securing R&D tax credits no longer works. The R&D tax credit environment is constantly changing in response to the newest guidance and documentation standards. Taxpayers need an approach that is less disruptive and doesn't put a strain on their time and resources.

Today’s environment demands taking a fresh look at your current processes and how they align to your tax strategy. Learn what your claim needs to retain your R&D tax credit at the highest possible level.  

Crowe tax specialists are well connected to the evolving landscape and are current on case law, technical issues, audit examination trends, and even informal guidance that might impact the strength of your claim.   

Let our experienced advisers create a customized approach to help you maximize your investment

We will work closely with you to help your organization maximize its claim with minimal business disruption.  

As a trusted adviser to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, Crowe understands that each taxpayer has its own tax strategy, facts, and circumstances. Your business is unique, and a cookie-cutter approach or defaulting to the same approach as last year could lead to a disruptive annual process for many stakeholders, possibly resulting in a suboptimal approach and ultimate offset to your tax liability. 

We start by listening. The first meeting involves asking questions, understanding your unique pain points, and gaining perspective on the nuances of your organization and situation.  

We develop flexible work plans and multiple options for our clients to help provide an opportunity to choose what fits best. This approach might include offerings for a turnkey study, a shared services collaboration, or review and consultation on a specific issue. We also team up with our clients to help them design a process that can be taken in-house, if desired.   

Our client-centered, collaborative approach is designed to help clients maximize their return on investment (ROI). 

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Today’s complex tax environment requires an agile approach

Clients turn to us for many reasons, whether they are achieving new milestones, seeking to reduce risks and improve efficiency, or simply want to optimize their ROI with properly documented R&D tax credits.  
Customized plan tailored for your needs
You need more than a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to your specific R&D needs. We listen, make sure we build your team with deeply experienced people, and design a plan customized to your business needs.
Customized plan tailored for your needs
Minimal business disruption
We intentionally design a process that is thoughtful and respectful of all stakeholders involved and understand your team has competing priorities.
Minimal business disruption
Strategic ROI
We help you implement the approach that works best for your facts and circumstances to help maximize your claim.
Strategic ROI

Let’s work together

Take advantage of our in-depth expertise to help maximize your R&D tax credit investment. One of the reasons we apply a different approach is our bench of senior-level professionals are involved in the tax community, standing up as thought leaders. Our dedicated professionals take part in industry councils and IRS working groups, giving them a behind-the-scenes perspective on guidance and updates.  

We invite you to learn how our team of tax advisers can help you.  

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