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Unlock the power of federal tax credits and incentives to drive your business forward

Federal tax credits and incentives can be great tools for organizations to optimize their tax advantages. However, the credits and incentives landscape is ever-changing, so navigating it can be confusing and overwhelming. 

The federal government offers a wide range of tax credits and incentives, such as research and development (R&D) credits, renewable energy credits and incentives, energy efficient building deductions, and more. Each incentive has defined rules and protocols that must be followed to maximize the available benefits. 

Companies should evaluate their business and plan for these federal credits and incentives. Sustaining these credits and incentives often requires a significant amount of recordkeeping and documentation, which can be a burden for businesses that have competing priorities and resource constraints.

Our federal tax credits and incentives specialists have decades of experience working with clients in various industries, giving us a holistic perspective to understand how the many credits and incentives might impact your overall tax planning strategy.

Our holistic and timely services can help boost your bottom line

Whether you’re looking to identify the most valuable tax credits and incentives, develop a customized strategy to help maximize these potential benefits, need ongoing support throughout the compliance process, or build or upgrade a property to be more energy efficient – our federal tax credits and incentives services can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
Research and development credits
We work with companies to tailor an approach that will help streamline processes, create a positive experience for all stakeholders, and maximize sustained benefits in the current environment. All with minimal business interruption.
Research and development credits
Section 174 consulting
We collaborate with businesses to navigate the complex rules and requirements of Section 174 mandatory capitalization. Working with our Section 174 consulting specialists can help you evaluate your facts and circumstances and how they align with the newly enacted rules and your desired tax profile.
Section 174 consulting
Clean energy tax credits for businesses
Our clean energy tax credits and incentives services can benefit taxpayers by assisting them in identifying and implementing the credit or incentives that apply to their business. Our team has expertise in a wide range of incentives including solar, wind, clean vehicles, and the 179D commercial buildings energy-efficiency tax deduction, which allows taxpayers to claim a tax deduction for specific energy-efficient commercial properties.
Clean energy tax credits for businesses
Cost segregation studies
We use a technology-driven approach to cost segregation. This can help streamline your cost segregation process and deliver a more transparent, efficient, accurate, and accessible experience.
Cost segregation studies
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Our team is highly specialized and understands the laws and regulations surrounding tax credits and incentive programs – both at a federal and local level. We’re qualified to guide you through the application process and help you obtain the credits and incentives your business might be eligible for and maximize their potential benefits. 

Our federal tax credits and incentives team offers senior-level involvement and strives to deliver exceptional client service while upholding strong professional ethics and standards.  

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