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Uncover opportunities by taking a closer look at your accounting methods

Regulatory changes create opportunities to evaluate tax accounting methods in order to optimize cash flows and mitigate risks.

New rules and regulations are making the tax landscape more complex, and companies are finding it challenging to stay current with all the changes.

This continually evolving tax environment warrants taking a fresh look at the timing of revenue recognition and the deductibility of expenses to help identify opportunities to optimize tax accounting methods.

Our experienced team has the technical knowledge needed to help you navigate these complex changes and effectively address tax accounting method questions. Additionally, we can assist with tax planning strategies specifically for your industry, helping you uncover greater opportunities while managing risk.

Reduce exposure with accounting method changes

Accounting method and inventory valuation issues have become increasingly complex as continuing changes in the tax rules present challenges and opportunities.

Reviewing accounting methods and filing an accounting method change can reduce exposure and uncover more favorable methods for companies in a variety of industries.

Turn to Crowe specialists for a clear road map on tax rules and planning strategies. Not only can you get individualized evaluation on specific accounting methods and inventory consulting unique to your business structure, but you also can work with an engaged, partner-led team that values superior client service.

Track federal, state and local, and international tax updates 
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Tax-efficient strategies

Our tax-efficient strategies can help you optimize your business’s accounting methods.
Accounting methods review
Through a careful evaluation, we work to determine the proper timing to recognize deductions and revenue to identify areas for optimizing accounting methods and improving cash flows.
Accounting methods review
Risk mitigation
When issues are uncovered, filing an accounting method change can address potential IRS exam issues and provide a proactive approach to audit preparedness.
Risk mitigation
Inventory consulting
We work with you to design tax-efficient strategies to address inventory valuation issues and properly apply complex tax rules.
Inventory consulting

Let’s work together

With deep technical knowledge and extensive experience across all industries, our tax specialists can evaluate and identify effective accounting methods and inventory consulting strategies to help uncover opportunities for your business.

We invite you to discover the Crowe difference – one where we work to deliver a superior client experience, our partners are directly involved, and our teams are hands-on and responsive to your goals and needs.

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We understand the complexity in identifying effective accounting methods and inventory consulting strategies. Crowe specialists have deep technical experience in a variety of industries. Start the conversation today.
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