A robust privacy program helps you protect individual privacy rights – and your business’s reputation. 

As privacy concerns grow, more and more companies are finding gaps in how they handle personal data. 

We’ll help you find and fix those gaps. And we’ll keep the process simple and clear every step of the way, customizing the action plan to meet you where you are.

Don’t wait until you have a privacy incident to start building your privacy program. 

In the past, companies were allowed to collect, compile, and store data indefinitely – with few rules and even fewer data retention policies. But those days are gone. 

Privacy is shifting to a more holistic, companywide approach that focuses on the customer and their privacy needs.  

We’ll help you create a privacy program that protects individuals’ privacy rights – and considers the risks most important to your business. 

Crowe builds privacy and data protection programs that allow you to collect, store, and use personal data ethically and purposefully, while keeping you compliant with privacy regulations. 

Sustainable privacy programs are proactive, not reactive. 

An effective privacy program isn’t about chasing compliance or meeting static goals.

It’s better to think of privacy compliance as a continuous process that affects every corner of your business.

We’ll help you build a resilient privacy framework, so when change happens you have the ability to respond quickly.

We can also help with employee training and awareness to communicate the importance of your privacy program to all levels of your organization, starting at the top.

Addressing privacy builds trust – and more. 

In addition to cultivating consumer and stakeholder confidence, a data privacy protection program can also be an opportunity to strengthen the processes you use to handle data.

A companywide privacy program will help you better understand the data you hold.

You’ll become a lot more self-aware about the information you have, how it moves around, and how it interconnects between departments.

The knowledge you gain can help you create lasting efficiencies.

Privacy is complex – but the solution doesn’t have to be.  

The key is a practical approach that allows you to collect data as simply, transparently, and openly as possible – and knowing why you collected it at the forefront of the process.
Risk remediation
We'll review core policies to inform the design of detailed, task-oriented recommendations to address gaps, gauge maturity of your program, and develop a prioritized plan to remediate those gaps. 
Risk remediation
Data mapping
We’ll help you understand the flow of personal information through your business, how you use that information, and who you share that information with.
Data mapping
Consumer requests
We’ll create customized programs designed to handle consumer requests in the allowed time frame. 
Consumer requests
Policy and notice management
Our team will review existing privacy policies and notices against relevant privacy regulation guidelines – and recommend changes to enhance compliance.
Policy and notice management
Cookie notice and consent updating
We’ll develop and customize your cookie banner and consent preference center. We’ll also implement the Universal Consent & Preference Management platform to capture collection points and data-subject preferences.
Cookie notice and consent updating
Maturing and planning
Our team will conduct organizational assessments and develop actionable plans to enhance maturity and close identified gaps.
Maturing and planning

We build privacy programs that get you where you need to go. 

Because we build privacy programs with a resilient foundation, adding capabilities is easy. We design programs with privacy at the forefront of decisions – and it shows.