There’s no single path to privacy. 

Privacy affects every organization differently, because every organization is different. 

Privacy is one of the most complex issues your organization has to tackle. We know that. We also know how to approach the process of assessing your privacy needs in a way that feels anything but complex.

Privacy touches all corners of your business. 

Regulations have been the push for moving privacy and data protection forward.

But implementing the necessary changes to remain compliant in a timely manner has forced many companies to scramble – and then worry that they haven’t handled everything correctly.

That’s why a hands-on assessment of your organization is a critical first step in the process of building an effective privacy program.

Privacy protection isn’t just a legal or IT thing. It’s not just a security or compliance thing. We’ll show you how privacy touches everything you do: sales and marketing, research and finance...everything.

We listen first – so we understand just what your business needs. 

Crowe recognizes that every business brings its own set of needs and requirements around privacy protection – and so we begin with what we do best: We listen.

Our team collects all the information and puts together a road map – so you can see what’s possible.

We identify each foundational element that is expected of an organization that needs to have an effective privacy program in place.

Crowe keeps the process simple and sustainable. 

Crowe has the fundamental privacy knowledge to help any client, regardless of industry, location, and type of data used.

Readiness assessment
Our specialists will assess your organization’s current privacy program, comparing the existing approaches, processes, and tools to the requirements of the relevant regulations.
Readiness assessment
Road map for remediation
We will generate a detailed privacy program action plan for you, including workflow and a clear understanding of the effort involved, to help you get – and stay – compliant.
Road map for remediation
Data mapping
We’ll help you understand the flow of personal information through your business, how you use that information, and whom you share that information with.
Data mapping
Data transfer risk assessment
With the EU-US Privacy Shield being struck down, businesses need to better manage the way information moves around their organization. We’ll help you assess data-related risks – and then help implement safeguards.
Data transfer risk assessment

We’ll get you on the path to the privacy program that works for you. 

Companies that work with us know where they have to go, and are confident in their understanding of the solution.