Crowe Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Assistance helps keep your workforce secure.  

We know you need to get your remote workforce up and running quickly – and securely. 

COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis, one that’s resulted in a forced leap to new ways of working. That’s why we’re offering Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Assistance – to rapidly identify vulnerabilities and assist with monitoring your network, with minimal effort from your already busy team.  

An expanding mobile workforce opens you up to increased security risks:  

  • Rapidly expanding attack surfaces  
  • Reports of increased phishing attempts  
  • Your most vulnerable access points – employees – are going through a stressful time, which can lead to more accidental exposure of credentials  

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We can help your business be resilient in the face of these challenges. Here’s how. 

Cybersecurity challenges have shifted during COVID-19 – and you may need to change the way you do things for good. We’re here to help ease the transition with the tools, experience, and perspective to help keep your business going.

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