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As cybersecurity issues pose a growing threat to business operations and reputation, implementing a sound cybersecurity strategy has become critical to survival. The Crowe team can deliver a range of specialized cybersecurity risk management services that can help you strengthen your approach to IT governance and cybersecurity risk management.
Crowe Managed Detection and Response

Crowe Managed Detection and Response

Build a stronger, more resilient digital security program with 24/7 monitoring and dedicated live analysts. Early detection and rapid response starts today.

The Crowe Integrated Cybersecurity Framework 

Purdue-Crowe Digital Risk Collaboratory

Combining academic and research-based resources with real-world experience

Crowe risk consulting practitioners have teamed up with academics and researchers at Purdue Polytechnic Institute’s Department of Computer and Information Technology (CIT) to open new doors in digital risk and cybersecurity research and resources. The Purdue-Crowe Digital Risk Collaboratory strives to establish an extensive foundation for managing cyber risks as organizations continue to adapt to operating in the digital era. The collaboratory will create real-world application opportunities for ongoing research and projects while bringing customized, next-generation digital and cyber risk management solutions to market in the years ahead. In addition to research, the collaboratory will offer executive training courses for business executives who want a deeper understanding of how to effectively manage digital and cyber risk. Subscribe to the Crowe Cybersecurity Watch blog for additional details about this unique relationship and the resulting digital and cyber risk management solutions.

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