What you don’t know about cybersecurity is one of your biggest concerns. 

It can be difficult to even know what your cybersecurity risks are and which ones are most concerning – let alone what you should be working hardest to protect and how to minimize the impact of a potential incident. 

Crowe can help you gain improved awareness into your cybersecurity strategy – and this clarity means you’ll be making more effective decisions. 

Not all cybersecurity risks are equal. 

Not every organization carries the same exposure or has the same threats against them. Some businesses rely heavily on cloud-based environments. Others possess – and need to protect – vast quantities of consumer data. 

Understanding the impact of cybersecurity risks to your organization means you can be more efficient with your resources.  

We help you identify what you’re truly trying to protect – and then focus efforts there.  

Crowe digs in to figure out the components of your business. Instead of spreading effort and resources everywhere, you’ll know the areas in your organization where an incident would do the most damage. 

We’ll help bridge the gap between identifying cybersecurity risks and having the right support and tools to fix them. 

Assessing a digital security program takes resources. With a shortage of cybersecurity talent, it can be tough to decide what path to take – let alone taking first steps to identify gaps and risks. 
Even when you get a grasp on these concerns, often the next one becomes: Now how do we communicate this to our board and stakeholders? 
We know how to measure cybersecurity risk – and we can help you communicate this risk in simple ways to your organization.  
Then we take it a step further. At Crowe, we don’t just identify risks, we help you build a road map for success – and fix them. 

Our technical expertise gives us insight into what you’re already doing well – and what can be improved upon. 

We’ll assess and then help redesign or implement safeguards to your cybersecurity program. 
Cybersecurity compliance assessments
We identify gaps in your existing cybersecurity programs when compared against industry standards or regulatory requirements – and provide an action plan to achieve compliance.
Cybersecurity compliance assessments
Penetration testing
We’ll evaluate your security controls from the perspective of an internal or external attacker. We can include both technical testing and social engineering, and detailed testing of web applications from both unauthenticated and authenticated perspectives. Then we’ll collaborate with your personnel to review findings.
Penetration testing
Risk appetite and quantification
We’ll help you define your risk appetite, determine how to quantify your current risk profile based on your cybersecurity posture, and calculate the impact of program changes to your risk posture.
Risk appetite and quantification
Cloud Security 
We can help make your move to the cloud a more secure process through assessments and cloud adaptation strategies. We can also assess your organization’s current cloud security environment and conduct penetration testing on your cloud environment.
Cloud Security 

We’ll help you turn over the right stones. 

We know where to look to identify the unique components of your business – so you can use your resources more effectively.