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Flexibility in the payment of VAT

Tax Alert

tax alert

Taking into account the intensification of the pandemic effects felt since the beginning of this year, and until the legislative process currently underway to review and expand the flexibility of tax payment regimes is concluded, Order No. 52 / 2021- XXII allows taxpayers included in the monthly VAT regime, in relation to the VAT calculated in the periodic declaration of December 2020, whose deadline for the respective payment ends today, can choose to apply a flexible payment scheme (in three or six installments interest-free monthly payments) with no need to fulfill the invoice reduction requirement, provided that:

  • have obtained a turnover up to the maximum limit of classification as micro, small and medium-sized companies, pursuant to the provisions of article 2 of the annex of the Decree-Law no. 372/2007, of 6 November;
  • the main activity of the taxable person falls under the classification of economic activity of accommodation, restaurants and the like, or culture; or
  • have started or restarted the activity since 1 January 2020, including.

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