Assistance of the Data Protection Officer

Assistance of the Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer (DPO) service is dedicated to the clients who need support in the field of personal data protection. 

Assistance of the Data Protection Officer

Personal data protection

Crowe experts in the field of the GDPR and personal data protection help to ensure data security and compliance with the applicable regulations, both the companies which have their own Data Protection Officer and those which do not have such a function within their structures.

As part of the DPO service, we advise, verify procedures and support the internal DPO in the most complex issues. We will tell you how to keep a register of activities, register of infringements, how and when to report infringements to the supervisory body, what procedures and instructions are required to comply with the GDPR.

Assistance of the DPO - scope of the service

  • Care of a data protection expert
  • Keeping and reporting the GDPR compliance map and indicating what exactly causes the non-compliance
  • Keeping the index of tasks / risks / activity of the Data Protection Officer within the scope of the GDPR, including:
    • storing information as to who carried out the task and when
    • storing the results of the tasks performed (e.g. verification of credentials), and in case of failure and/or non-compliance with the GDPR supervising the implementation of corrective actions
  • Consultation in the scope of:
    • information clauses
    • content of approvals
    • contracts for the entrustment of personal data
    • practical implementation of GDPR also in IT systems
    • advisory assistance for the control of the supervisory authority
    • support in the ongoing preparation of replies to requests concerning personal data.
  • Monitoring of personal data protection regulations in the area of amendments concerning the Administrator
  • Preparation and implementation of the necessary documents constituting organisational measures for personal data protection
  • Production and management of the necessary documents required by the GDPR and other regulations on personal data protection
  • Supervision over the compliance of personal data processing with legal regulations
  • Advisory services for the protection of personal data

We also offer full DPO outsourcing.

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