IT Systems security audit

IT Systems security audit

Check whether your corporate data is secure

IT Systems security audit

In 2022, companies suffered an average global cost of data breach of $4.35M. Only 14% of entities are properly protected against such risk.

The most common causes of data breach are IT infrastructure problems, human error and cybercrime. Employee inattention, server failure or violent hacking attacks can paralyse the company's operations and cause huge losses, not only financial.

Risks for companies of all sizes

Experts estimate that by 2025, the number of cyber attacks will double! Their victims are not only the largest entities. According to Accenture's study, up to 43% of attacks target small businesses.

Although the adequate security of IT systems may seem to be expensive, the losses incurred as a result of data loss far outweigh the cost of providing protection.

How to protect oneself against the threat?

An information security management system is not just a matter of data. It is first and foremost the company's knowledge and resources, so protecting them is important.

To address those threats, Crowe offers an IT security audit of your organisation's systems.

Consequences of IT security breaches

  • Business continuity loss
  • Financial loss
  • Legal liability
  • Decline in productivity
  • Reputational damage

IT Systems security audit - how can we help?

We offer a comprehensive IT systems security audit. The purpose of this audit is to assess the complexity of an IT system and how it is secured against various risks, including data leakage, unauthorised access, malware or cyber attack.

We will check whether your IT systems and data are compliant with cyber security standards and legislation. We will also advise on how to keep your business running if a cyber incident occurs.

Scope of support

Assessing the vulnerability of an IT system to risks:

  • Penetration (hacking)
  • Data leakage
  • Cyber attack
  • Business continuity
  • Physical damage to it systems

Areas analysed:

  • Overview of major IT systems
  • Overview of IT environment management
  • Access security
  • Change management (development and maintenance of IT solutions)
  • Data security
  • Network security
  • Security of employee computer workstations
  • Data recovery and business continuity
A report describing the status of company IT systems including:
  • Overall assessment of IT system
  • Observed risks
  • Improvement recommendations

Check whether your corporate data is secure!

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