The compliance service ensures that the organization's activities are in line with applicable law and the best standards. It also guarantees a high level of business ethics and it can also increase internal company processes' efficiency.

The size of an organisation does not determine its stability. It is its procedures and tools that minimise the likelihood of potential risks evolving.

The compliance service is addressed particularly to companies in which one observes:

  • imposition of sanctions resulting from non-compliance with the law
  • low ethical standards
  • failure to comply with internal policies
  • frequent mistakes made by employees
  • employees' lack of understanding of the rules
  • untrained employees
  • blurred liability
  • corruption, embezzlement and unlawful acts
  • loss of image

Compliance - scope of the service:

  • implementation and review of compliance regulations and the processes resulting from them, i.e.:
  1. personal data protection regulations
  2. regulations concerning confidential information and business confidentiality
  3. integrity policy
  4. Code of Ethics
  5. the rules on cooperation with relevant external institutions, in particular of a supervisory nature
  6. internal control system, in particular with a view to preventing and combating fraud
  7. policy to protect anonymous fraud reporting channels
  8. anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policies, including the "get to know your client" principle
  9. rules relating to the avoidance of conflicts of interest
  10. the "get to know your employee" principle
  • analysis and examination of existing organizational solutions in terms of their compliance with generally applicable regulations, standards and best market practices
  • recommendations for changes to be implemented in order to eliminate irregularities and introduce solutions tailored to generally applicable regulations, standards and best market practices
  • implementation of the recommended changes
  • initiating and carrying out control activities and explanatory proceedings
  • support in updating internal regulations and contracts as well as modification of products and services in view of changes in legal regulations
  • advisory services for the Management Board and organisational bodies of the company, in particular on new legal solutions
  • gathering data and reporting on compliance issues
  • trainings for employees

Implementation of compliance – benefits

  • ensuring that the company's processes, procedures and technologies are compliant with generally applicable regulations and best market practices
  • minimizing the risk of:
  1. legal sanctions
  2. financial losses
  3. loss of reputation, loss of corporate image
  4. decline in the quality and stability of organisation management
  5. ineffective internal organisational solutions
  6. insufficient internal control

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