Information security

Information security

Information Security


Your information is more important than you think

Changes to the law of Personal Data Protection, gave the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data new tools which could be used to impose financial penalties and restrictions on companies, which does not perform statutory requirements, to deprive business owner of liberty and to impose personal penalty restrictions.

Changes to the rules of Personal Data Protection should be a signal to change safety and the quality of the available data and records submitted to the Inspector General for Protection of Personal Data (IGPP).

If in your company there are situations that may result in the loss of reputation, penalties, fines, for example:

  • distribution of sensitive information outside of the company, theft of clients’ database, leakage of confidential business information
  • inadequate archiving and storage of documentation (lack of appropriate office processes and archiving techniques)
  • inadequate defense system against  IT  hacking attacks, ineffective protection of  servers
  • improper destruction and shredding of paper and electronic data
  • random, unexpected events-damages as a direct consequence of: fire, water damages etc.

it suggests your business should implement significant changes in the field of data and information security.

The scope of our services

In the era of digitisation and increasing importance of business information for maintaining a competitive advantage, it is necessary to take appropriate preventive measures.

The service we offer brings the following solutions:

  • consultation and advice on information security
  • audit of information management at company’s site and contractors
  • audit of IT environment
  • training of employees and contractors in the field of law and good practice
  • implementation of support systems for information security management
  • standardisation of policies across the organisation, including the implementation of corporate requirements in local branches
  • support during the creation of documentation and security related to security information
  • elaboration and implementation of security policies
  • implementation of international standard for information security management systems ISO 27001.

Service benefits

  • prevention of fines and criminal liability
  • minimization of the risks and costs resulting from the disclosure of confidential information
  • protection of the company's reputation and image
  • minimisation of the legal risks
  • secure flow of information in organization
  • secure data archiving
  • the fulfillment of legal requirements related to the protection of personal data
  • increased awareness of employees and suppliers in the field of information security
  • then use of the best practices in security of information
  • coherent policy for information security management
  • ensuring the continuity of activities in organization in the crisis situations (locations and backup servers).

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