Electronic document flow

Electronic document flow

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we have expanded the scope of accounting outsourcing services with the possibility of Wolkflow.
Electronic docuement flow

Electronic document flow

We want the best for the businesses run by our clients, hence we extended the scope of outsourcing services and introduced the possibility of managing Workflow.
When creating the system we have developed a number of solutions which allow to eliminate the most common problems which many companies face.

These are:

  • huge costs related to the traditional paper workflow
  • necessity to be physically present at invoice authorisation
  • no information about the current status of documents
  • time-consuming information processing

The new system enables a 24-hour access to documents – without the necessity to install any software (via web browser). Users of this systems will be able to utilise the following functionalities which will facilitate the administration of accounting:

  • remote authorisation
  • intuitive and fast document search
  • documents status tracking
  • automatic generation of reminders about dates of acceptance
  • system integrity – no need to enter data to other systems
  • data archive in line with all security standards
  • complete elimination of paper invoices
  • ability to preview all scanned documents

With this new functional solution we provide unlimited access to reports which we will create and also a possibility to their quick generation on your own with the use of archived data.

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Marta Łyczewska
Marta Łyczewska
COO, Partner