Polish Order - free consultations for employers

Polish Order - free consultations for employers

Polish Order - free consultations for employers
The changes included in the package of acts of the Polish Order will affect not only employees, but will also constitute a major challenge for employers. How can companies prepare for the new regulations which are to come into force?

The solutions planned under the Polish Order - an increase in the tax-free amount, changes in the rules for calculating health contributions or higher tax thresholds - will bring about changes in remuneration received by employees, persons employed on contracts of mandate, B2B contractors and management board members as well.

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This will result in a search for optimisation, and for employers this may mean, inter alia, an increase in labour costs, changes in the form of employment or modification of the wage structure. An additional difficulty will be the short time to adapt to the new regulations, which - according to the announcements - are to come into effect on 1 January 2022.

Polish Order - how to prepare for the planned changes?

We invite you to a free 30-minute consultations with Crowe experts, during which we will provide you with our insights into the effects of the planned changes, discuss your situation and we will help you identify possible solutions to make these effects less severe.

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