e-commerce, technology, Crowe

The future of e-commerce: technology will determine almost everything

e-commerce, technology, Crowe
After six months of fighting against COVID-19, it is worth checking what awaits e-commerce in the immediate future. Taking into consideration the recent period, it should be clearly stated that nobody knows what the future will be. Especially as this area is dependent on the development of technologies, the pace and directions of which often amaze.

Over the past few months, about 2 thousand new online shops have opened. A large part of business will remain online for good, as the launch of e-commerce channels constitutes an opportunity to emerge from the crisis with a defensive hand or at least to significantly minimise its impact. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shock, traditional trade has long been struggling with challenges related to changing shopping patterns and growing competition from the Internet - states Robert Ćwiertnia, business process robotization consultant at Crowe, for the egospodarka.pl portal.

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