Survey: Why do companies use outsourcing?

Survey: Why do companies outsource?

Survey: Why do companies use outsourcing?
The role of outsourcing is constantly evolving. Why do companies currently decide to use support of external experts and is the decision on outsourcing influenced by the pandemic? 

We invite you to take part in a short survey on the most important arguments in favour of outsourcing. We would like to learn what is the importance of cost reduction, access to knowledge and technology, frequently changing legal regulations and transfer of liability for correct and legally compliant execution of processes in this case. We are also interested in the reasons for which some companies decide to limit the extent of use of outsourcing in the organisation.

Participation in the survey is anonymous. Only individuals who wish to receive a survey report are requested to leave their contact details.

Filling in the questionnaire takes approx. 3 minutes.



Survey: Why do companies use outsourcing?