R&D and IP Box relief in the era of COVID-19

Webinar: R&D and IP Box relief in the era of COVID-19

Start Date:

6/29/2020 11:00 AM

End Date:

6/29/2020 12:00 PM

Taking advantage of the relief for research and development activities and IP Box provides measurable financial benefits. This may be of great importance for businesses, especially in the current situation. Which entrepreneurs can take advantage of the R&D and IP Box relief and what savings can they achieve on this account?

The R&D and IP Box relief is available for a much larger number of enterprises than is commonly believed, and not only for specialised entities. A lot of manufacturers or service providers can take actions which may be classified according to the catalogue allowing them to apply for the benefits. Moreover, the Anti-Crisis Shield 2.0 has introduced provisions which facilitate the use of R&D and IP Box relief by entities struggling with the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

We invite everyone to view a webinar, during which we explained:

  • What is R&D and IP Box relief?
  • What kind of activity gives the right to take advantage of both reliefs?
  • What are the benefits of the R&D and IP Box relief?
  • Which companies can obtain the status of a research and development centre?
  • How to establish the tax base?
  • What documents are required to claim for IP Box relief?

Participation in the event was free of charge. The webinar was held in Polish.

The speakers:

  • Adam Sękowski, Manager in Tax Advisory Department, Crowe
  • Tomasz Taff, Director of Strategic Advisory Department, Crowe
  • Michał Palejko, Strategy Advisor, Crowe

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