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Our team of forensic accountants, investigators, fraud and digital experts combine to provide a powerful advisory and investigation services. We usually engaged in

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC)
  2. Fraud Investigation
  3. Whistle Blower Investigations
  4. Fraud Risk Management
  5. Dispute Resolution-Advisory Services
  6. Anti-Money Laundering
  7. Regulatory Compliance Services
  8. ISO 37001 Certification Audit
  9. Anti-Bribery ISO 37001 Consultation and Implementation
  10. Due Diligence Audit on:
    • Bribery and Corruption
    • Fraud and Misconduct
    • Regulatory violations
    • Piracy and Counterfeit
    • Money Laundering


External Quality Assessment of Internal Audit Activity

As per Institute of Internal Auditors Standard 1312, external quality assessment of internal audit activity be conducted at least once every five years by a qualified independent assessor or assessment team from outside the origination.

As per Capital Market Authority circular no 10/2018 every company coming under the regulatory framework shall conduct a comprehensive external evaluation of the internal audit units work at least once every four years through a specialized third party other than the statutory auditor.

Crowe Oman possesses Certified External Assessor of Internal Audit Activity (IIA) to assist companies in the external quality assessment of the internal audit activity.  The experience of the external assessment team will be a valuable resource when identifying successful internal audit practices. 


ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System
Forensic Technology
ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System
Forensic Technology

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