NetSuite 2023.1 release

Sarah Herman, Inah Bejec, Marinka Rohlffs
| 3/7/2023
NetSuite 2023.1 release

Ongoing supply chain and logistics issues continue to affect how businesses operate.

The NetSuite 2023.1 release targets these challenges with new features and improvements that can help elevate production practices. Here’s a closer look at what these upgrades have to offer.

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Improved warehouse productivity

One app for enhanced warehouse operations

Having an efficient warehouse is more important than ever. The NetSuite 2023.1 release introduces NetSuite Ship Central, a single mobile application that provides both packing and shipping capabilities for warehouse workers.

This powerful app allows fulfillment staff to select the best carrier for each order based on delivery date or location type. Workers can access real-time rates, create documentation, print customized shipping labels with carrier-specific tracking numbers, and monitor order statuses – all from a mobile device or kiosk.

NetSuite Ship Central also identifies and consolidates multiple orders going to the same customer, which can lower shipping expenses and eliminate unnecessary shipments.

AI-enhanced product suggestions

Upselling and cross-selling made smarter

It can be difficult to balance upselling and cross-selling opportunities with customers’ actual needs. The NetSuite 2023.1 release is here to help with its Intelligent Recommendations feature, which uses machine learning to develop an understanding of customers’ purchasing habits and offer personalized product suggestions.

By analyzing purchase histories, transaction correlations, complementary item combinations, and customer behavior, Intelligent Recommendations suggests the most relevant products and adapts to changes in buying patterns.

This feature can be used with opportunity records, sales orders, and estimate records, which means that product suggestions can be delivered much earlier in the buyer journey to maximize the chances of upselling and cross-selling.

More choices for customers

Intelligent Recommendations also includes two new recommendation algorithms that can be used in the NetSuite CRM or SuiteCommerce solution.

The Alternative Items algorithm identifies when a desired product is out of stock and suggests similar items based on item name, description, and category.

The Buy Again algorithm analyzes buying patterns and looks for items that are purchased at regular intervals. The algorithm then can recommend these products in rhythm with those intervals and allow the user to automate future purchases.

Increased control over subscription renewals

Less admin, more revenue

Price changes to subscriptions often are difficult to manage if they’re not automated. Enter the new uplift at renewal feature, which lets SuiteBilling users automatically add a percentage increase when customers renew subscriptions or begin new ones.

These automated increases can help determine percentage uplift at a line-item level while also reducing the chance of error. Combined with SuiteBilling’s already robust subscription life cycle management, the uplift at renewal feature relieves administrative pressure, allowing teams to focus on what matters most.

Upgraded inventory management

Accurate, real-time inventory counts

Inventory counting is a constant challenge that’s best tackled with automation. For the NetSuite 2023.1 release, the Smart Count feature has been updated to include support for serialized and lot-numbered items.

This addition makes real-time inventory counts even more accurate, supports both forward and back tracing, and allows for faster updating through bin and location transfers. More visibility into which items are on hand ultimately can improve order fulfillment rates.

Also included in this update is expanded support for:

  • Inventory updates
  • Bulk approvals and rejections for cycle counts
  • Spot counts (ad hoc cycle counts based on bin location or item)
  • Cycle count variance
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Collaboration-friendly localization

Work without borders

Seamless collaboration with international teams can work only with the right support systems in place. The NetSuite 2023.1 release makes it easier by introducing several localization updates, such as:

  • SuiteApp localizations for Brazil and Singapore
  • Invoicing and printing enhancements for the Philippines
  • Localization updates for India
  • Address form enhancements for select countries*

These updates also include a list of tax codes, enabling easier compliance with different countries’ tax determination requirements. This list expands Latin American region support with tax codes for Brazil and Colombia.

You can test these enhancements when you request access to your NetSuite 2023.1 release preview test account. If you’d like a detailed walk-through – or just have a couple of quick questions – reach out to speak with an experienced Crowe consultant.

* Including Austria, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, and Switzerland.

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Marinka Rohiffs
Marinka Rohlffs
Managing Director, Consulting