3 supply chain steps for aviation parts distributors

Adnan Patel, Grant Ludema
| 2/16/2023
Discover 3 ways to optimize supply chain management to help aviation parts distributors find a way to efficiently manage many moving pieces.

There’s a lot riding on the aviation industry – literally.

Without the necessary parts, planes can’t fly. And it isn’t just air passengers who are affected. Everyone across the supply chain feels the turbulence.

Proper supply chain management ensures that each piece of equipment is in the hands of the right person (or connected to the right plane) at the right time. And in today’s economy, even the simplest of products getting to the customer on time, without fail, is happening less. While every industry is feeling the squeeze, aviation parts distributors are in a unique position to help alleviate some of these pains.

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Supply chain disruptions affect customers every step of the way

As in other industries, aviation parts distributors are finding themselves stuck waiting for parts that aren’t yet manufactured or struggling to ship on time for the right price. The aircraft supply chain disruptions are frustrating and can seem nearly impossible to mitigate.

For aviation parts distributors, these questions are coming up all too often:

  • What can the business do when manufacturers aren’t able to meet demand?
  • How can the business meet the growing demands of customers?
  • What can the business do to enhance its competitiveness over other aviation parts distributors?

In order to successfully optimize supply chain management to help businesses meet the demands of customers, aviation parts distributors need to find a way to efficiently manage many moving pieces.

NetSuite helps aviation parts distributors optimize operations

Thankfully, getting a handle on processes and multiple moving pieces isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Enhanced visibility into the supply chain and increased automation can help businesses achieve operational efficiency. That’s why aviation parts distributors are turning to NetSuite – a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is robust enough to help businesses grow and customizable to fit any industry and any business model.

NetSuite ERP can help aviation parts distributors know where goods are in real time, meet and predict the needs of customers, and adapt at the first sign of turbulence.

Crowe is a public accounting, technology, and consulting firm with deep industry specialization and NetSuite experience. We can show you how NetSuite can help unify your parts distribution business.

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3 steps to operational efficiency for aviation parts distributors

Understanding NetSuite and its capabilities can seem like a challenge in itself. But challenges can become opportunities with the right support and a clear plan. Implementing and modifying the system to manage supply chain inconsistencies can be done by following these three steps.

1. Create a road map to address supply chain challenges

First, aviation parts distributors need to take the time to figure out exactly where the hiccups are in the supply chain. Is the problem not having the right part available when needed? Or is it having too much of something when demand is low? Perhaps it’s a logistical matter. Identifying what needs fixing can help set the wheels in motion to solve the problem.

Crowe has spent a lot of time with parts distributors sifting through historical data, talking with distribution teams, and developing an automation process powered by NetSuite. It takes time and effort to develop a plan to optimize operations. But when planning is done well, aviation parts distributors can have access to real-time data showing them where goods are across the supply chain, listing customers’ current order requirements, and even giving them insight into future orders.

2. Implement and tailor the NetSuite ERP solution

Not all ERP systems are created equal, and even the great ones sometimes require a bit of added specialization. Additionally, technology like NetSuite isn’t a simple plug-and-play system. There are multiple implementation models that depend on the needs of the aviation parts distributor and its customers.

The aviation industry has a wide range of products, from large, heavy parts to small or oddly shaped pieces. Because of intricacies like these in parts distribution, we created the Crowe Parts Distribution Accelerator for NetSuite. This solution addresses things like size, shape, weight, and many more of the industry’s challenges, and it offers a way for aviation parts distributors to provide value to both manufacturers and customers alike.

3. Optimize through automation

Once NetSuite is up and running, businesses find that automation allows them not only to react quickly to customer requests but to project and better prepare for upcoming demand. And with demand at an all-time high, having aircraft parts in stock and ready to distribute can also build customer loyalty and trust.

NetSuite’s single, automated system can help distributors connect with manufacturers to find the right part in a matter of seconds. With enhanced visibility into available parts and orders, businesses can even pick and pack multiple orders at once to save time. In the future, this interconnectedness could continue to grow as manufacturers adopt similar technologies that allow systems to speak directly to each other – optimizing productivity and communication across the supply chain.

Eliminate turbulence within the aviation supply chain

With so many parts to the supply chain, it’s impossible to avoid challenges altogether. But if aviation parts distributors use NetSuite to optimize their operations, benefits can be seen by the manufacturer, distributor, and customer. Orders can be placed strategically, customers can receive what they need when they need it, and distributors can find themselves the favored supplier.

Depend on a NetSuite implementation partner that goes the distance.

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NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite consulting services

Smooth sailing with Crowe + NetSuite

We get it – getting the right parts into the right hands and the right plane is a tough job. We built the Crowe Parts Distribution Accelerator for NetSuite to make it easier. This solution provides better visibility into your supply chain, increased demand-planning capabilities, and enhanced customer experience.

Crowe is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm that has worked with many aviation parts distributors to help them optimize their supply chain, and we’re ready to do the same for you. We know how important it is to get a plane safely into the sky.

Are you ready for take off?

Adnan Patel
Adnan Patel
Principal, Oracle NetSuite Leader
Grant Ludema
Grant Ludema