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Coporate tax planning

Tax throws up both challenges and opportunities for any business, whether a smaller owner-managed business or a large multinational. How you manage them is the key – for any business to grow and thrive, a clear tax strategy is essential. In working with you, Crowe is driven by the goal to always make the tax system work for you.
We have a proven track record as a leading compliance and tax advisory firm, working with clients, supporting and growing their business. Our unique, partner-led approach allows us to create lasting relationships with our clients and ensures the highest standards of service. We work in a collaborative way, tailoring our service to suit the varied needs of the clients we work with.
We work with a range of companies of varying sizes across a wide range of industry sectors but with a particular focus on family businesses and the SME sector. Our team has many years of experience advising businesses at all stages of their life cycles.
The start-up phase

The start-up phase is a challenging time for any new business, especially for a first-time entrepreneur. Staying ahead of these challenges and getting the business on a firm footing is time consuming enough but to prosper in the long run the business owner also needs to think about strategies and structures. This is where Crowe can help.

Our team of experienced tax advisors can assist you with the implementation of this strategy by advising you on:

  • The range of tax reliefs targeted at new start-up businesses and their owners, strategies to maximise their use and how to go about claiming them
  • Putting in place structures that allow for the most favourable tax treatment, maximising availability of these reliefs while also giving long-term tax-efficiency and flexibility, but also taking account of and supporting the business owners’ commercial objectives
  • Raising start-up capital, both from the promoters themselves and from external sources in a manner that maximises tax efficiency while also protecting the interests 
Day-to-day management

As your business grows so does the complexity, administrative burden and risk attached to it. We can provide day-to-day help and advice ensuring your business remains on track from attracting and retaining employees to providing bookkeeping and back office support.

We can help your business run smoothly and ensure that all tax and financial matters are dealt with efficiently.  

Our team of experienced advisors can assist with:


A growing business creates its own challenges but opportunities abound as well. As ever tax considerations feature heavily and the busy entrepreneur needs guidance.

Whether your business is growing domestically or internationally, we can support you in realising your expansion plan. 

Our team of experienced tax advisors enables us to advise on the key issues, such as:

  • The potential tax implications of moving into new products or markets with a view to minimising tax and cash flow costs
  • Tax considerations associated with a move into international markets, working with our colleagues across the Crowe global network to get the right structures in place and minimise both Irish and overseas tax costs
  • Smart use of the range of tax reliefs and incentives in the tax code that support the raising of capital for expansion, such as for example the Employment and Enterprise Incentive Scheme (EIIS), and maximising tax relief on debt costs
  • Advising on, and ensuring the tax-efficient implementation of any amendments to your corporate structure that may be required to avail of new business opportunities
  • Advising you of the opportunities presented by potential mergers & acquisitions by advising on the tax consequences of such transactions, devising solutions to tax-based obstacles to the deal and structuring it in a way that minimises tax costs while also enabling all parties to get the most out of it in the long run
Moving on: realising value

When the time comes to end your involvement with a business – whether it arises from a decision to close it down, to transfer it to the next generation or because an opportunity to sell it arises – you will have much to think about. It will be vital to get the best tax outcome from this event and Crowe will work closely with you to achieve this.

We can support you with all aspects of preparing your business for sale while ensuring value is realised and tax exposure is minimised.

Our team of experienced tax advisors will work closely with you throughout this process. We bring value in a range of areas including:

  • Maximising the use of any tax losses on closure of the business
  • Where a business is being transferred to the next generation, working closely with family members so that the needs of all parties, including the business itself are protected while minimising tax costs of the transaction
  • Structuring any sale of the business in a tax-efficient manner while also enabling you to get the most out of the transaction. We will ensure that all available reliefs, like Entrepreneur Relief, are utilised
  • Where you want to explore new business opportunities, being there for you as the cycle begins all over again!

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