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Ineffective VAT and RCT management can lead to a major cost risk and compliance burden to businesses. At Crowe we understand that for both commercial and non-commercial business, VAT and RCT can raise many challenging and complex issues.
Our dedicated VAT & RCT tax team help clients stay on top of these complex areas. We will review all documentation provided, identify any issues (incorrect VAT / RCT rates, incomplete information, etc.) and recommend solutions. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with certainty.
Our years of experience with both VAT & RCT issues across a range of clients, trading both domestically and internationally, ensure your organisation navigates these complex issues with absolutely clarity and assurance.
The range of the specific areas we can advise on include:


  • VAT health checks
  • VAT registration to include potential applicability of VAT groups
  • VAT compliance advice and support services
  • VAT on transactions and contracts (to include establishing position with regard to VAT on property, granting of leases and licenses and subsequent surrenders)
  • Improving your organisations VAT cash-flow to include recovery optimisation
  • VAT advisory services on cross border transactions
  • Devising and implementation of planning strategies
  • Staff training and outsourcing support services
  • VAT anti-avoidance legislation
  • Liaising with Irish Revenue on any audits being conducted or notifications received


  • RCT health checks
  • RCT registrations as a principal or subcontractor
  • RCT compliance advice and support services
  • Developing strategies to ensure full compliance with RCT
  • Analysing specific transactions to determine RCT related implications
  • Staff training and outsourcing support services
  • Liaising with Irish Revenue on any audits being conducted or notifications received
We regularly offer training both on-site and through circulation of guidance manuals to clients on taxation matters. The need for such training can arise where for example legislative changes or a change in your activities creates new or altered tax obligations or procedures.

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