Crowe Governance and Control Felelős Vállalatirányítás

Governance and control

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Corporate Governance is nowadays a more and more widely known and applied management tool. Owners and investors utilise it to protect their financial interests, as well as almost every stock exchange recommendation now includes the conscious application of Corporate Governance.

Corporate Governance is the leadership and control system that includes risk management, quality assurance, business process management and internal and external controls, tied tightly together.

Due to the wide range of information required for business management and the numerous angles to its utilisation, nowadays it is inconceivable to operate accounting and corporate information systems without efficient information technology support.

The system called D-RISC is the result of the more than fifteen years that Crowe FST has been developing its methodology and software solution for risk management Corporate Governance, process management and compliance. The system is under constant development in order to ensure it complies with the requirements of the rapidly changing operating environment.

It is flexible to implement and simple to learn and apply.

It is important to highlight that D-RISC is not only a software, it is a methodology based on many years of practical experience.

The system fully complies with the legal requirements set for the governance of Hungarian and international companies, financial institutions, public sector organisations, including government bodies, higher education institutes, state owned enterprises and EU institutes. Moreover, D-RISC fully supports the implementation of truly paperless operations in conformity with ISO31000 Risk Management Standard and the risk based ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.

We can make your life easier

With the help of the D-RISC software and methodology we can set up a practical Risk Management supported Governance system that helps you manage respecting legal and stakeholder compliance while fits into your daily operations.

Given that the creation of an effective and functioning Corporate Governance system requires diverse analyses and regularly updated data, we are able to provide software-based support that also facilitates the operation of the risk management system.

Either regularly or on an ad-hoc basis, we can review (audit) the existing risk management system and its operation, thus we can provide feedback to the management and owners on the effectiveness of the system.

We can help with the regular testing of controls documented in and operated as part of the risk management supported Corporate Governance system.

We are able to provide a sound basis for risk-based internal auditing, for which we can also furnish various internal audit services.

D-RISC software

The D-RISC software features thin client technology, web and database server architecture. Consequently, the system does not require specific hardware on the client side; all it needs is a workstation with an internet browser.

The system has quick and practical data input interfaces, reports that can be exported into pdf or xls formats, and an automatic email notification system, too. Given its architecture, the system can be accessed through the intranet from an internal network or using an external workstation with a safe internet connection (via VPN). Depending on the capacity of the servers it is capable to support a large number of users at the same time.

We primarily offer the use of the software as a service in the cloud, with full technical support that saves you the initial costs of buying licenses. However, for data security reasons, you may need a separate instance running on your server that we can support by software licensing on your server. In case you license and use the software on your server, we ensure continuous technical and professional support for the system under a separate agreement, as well as new functions available thanks to ongoing development.