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We provide the following controlling and business intelligence solutions to our clients:

Elaboration and operation of cost controlling

On the basis of consultations with the client we elaborate the most appropriate structure of cost centres, cost bearers and recommend changes in the accounting functions in order the core data necessary for controlling are generated in parallel with accounting data and the two sets of data are integrated with each other.

Elaboration and operation of direct cost calculations

  • In cooperation with the client we formulate elementary groups of products or services in order to record the income, costs and expenses of these items and thus calculate their profitability.
  • By the separation of variable and fixed costs we make the impact assessment of business decisions more effective.
  • On the basis of direct cost calculations we recommend further actions (increase volumes, decrease costs, stop production etc.)

Organisation and operation of cost budgeting

  • We assist in the definition of budget holders, which may be cost centres, profit centres, departments etc. in accordance with the characteristics of the organisation structure of the company.
  • We ensure the permanent monitoring of budgets on the basis of data extracted from the accounting records.


  • Planning of annual financial data – balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash-flow. In the course of this process we plan financing requirements, which may serve as basis for the calculation of credit facilities in cooperation with your account holding bank.
  • Budget planning in parallel with the annual business plan.

Compilation of reports

  • We offer tailor-made reporting solutions to our clients. By the application of the intranet system provided by Microsoft Office 365 we prepare interactive web-based reports for you, which are accessible from anywhere with the appropriate telecommunication devices. These are customised reports developed for your purposes, which are based on the database of your accounting system, thus they contain live accounting data. Hence management will not be bound by the ponderous reporting functions of bookkeeping systems.
  • By means of Microsoft Power BI we offer a mobile solution for management in order to access high level reports through native mobile applications. You can see a sample of screenshots of our controlling reports byclicking here.
  • We can link different databases to each other and present these as a unified one, by automatically standardising data stored in different formats by several staff members. Thus you can avoid discarding data stored in the accustomed formats e.g. in Excel.
  • In case the client intends to prepare reports in such formats which have already become conventional within the organisation (e.g. to Headquarters), we fully automate these, thus staff is relieved from the burden of manually filling in the data and eliminate the possibility of making mistakes.

We can provide interim controlling services in case the employees of our customers are temporarily unavailable.

We provide on-site presence in cases when the controller of the client is temporarily not available for any reason (maternity leave, resignation, prolonged illness, re-organisation etc.). We understudy the tasks of the controller, and upon request we can even improve the controlling processes of the client.

We undertake the performance of analyses and data management services on a temporary basis.

In case you require ad hoc analyses, retrospective data cleaning, or you just need to process an excessive amount of data, you can also take advantage of our services. We are experienced in the management and structuring of large volumes of data.


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