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Interim Management

Completing your team to always work in full force

In the course of finance and accounting work we should match our tasks with resources. We can plan monthly and annual closing procedures, ledger reconciliations and compilation of tax returns. Annual closing and related audits of the financial statements according to Hungarian or other GAAP or IFRS can be achieved by the delegation of the tasks and by gradual preparation during the year.

Due to changes in the economic environment, unpredictable situations and various human factors, it often happens that even though companies elaborated their procedures with due care, they are not able to solve the problems with the existing employees. Such cases are, for example:

  • Implementation of a new integrated system
  • Company reorganisation on the basis of the instructions of the parent company
  • Significant project work
  • The tax authority performs a comprehensive audit of several tax years
  • Key persons of the finance department are missing from work for a long time
  • In the period of vacancy between the previous employee's departure and the new one's recruitment

In such cases interim management services may provide an effective solution.

Interim financial and accounting services offered by Crowe FST provide several advantages to our clients:

  • We provide reliable personnel with relevant expertise and experience
  • Staff working at the clients are supported by experienced professionals in the office, who are able to answer any technical questions raised during the work
  • We have elaborated a database, and in the course of this we tested the professional knowledge of the applicants
  • Clients pay for the service, thus there are no additional costs, taxes and payments for sick-leave The interim manager does not only take over daily tasks, but also participates in the search for and the training of his/her successor


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