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We experience that our clients regularly face the following challenges:

  • Recent global political events have had a significant impact on energy markets and supply chains, resulting in exceptionally high energy prices.
  • The soaring energy costs require more coordination, attention, control and organisation, in short, energy-conscious operations.
  • There is a lack of energy and related financial expertise and experience to exploit the potential of the Energy-Saving Obligation System (EOS)

Crowe's Energy Efficiency Program offers a multiple and fast payback solution to these challenges. Clients participating in the Program can be assured that:

  • All rational energy efficiency measures are implemented.
  • Their company's energy consumption is optimal.
  • Energy is purchased at the best available price.
  • The planned investments are carried out in such a way as to provide the greatest financial benefit to their company.
  • All available benefits and subsidies have been considered and decisions are made accordingly.
  • Where possible, they contribute to a greener future that reduces their company's carbon footprint.

Crowe's Energy Efficiency Program helps Clients find the best solution available. The Program consists of, among others, the following elements:

  • Energy due diligence: strategic, followed by detailed results that can be quickly monetized.
  • Certified Energy Saving (CES): to ensure that energy savings generate revenue in the EOS in addition to reducing costs.
  • Accounting and Taxation: to ensure correct reporting and avoid unnecessary tax risks.
  • Tender opportunities: to realize investments.
  • IT solutions: to facilitate administration and ensure legal compliance.

Crowe brings concrete financial benefits to our clients.


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