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Business Administration

Solid background helps you keep on target

We identify the content, quality and time requirements for consolidations and translations as well as the related reports, before evaluating the IT systems and accounting records of the units supplying the data in light of the data supply requirements.

We conduct detailed analyses of current consolidation and translation practices as well as of intra-group transactions and the differences and data structures required to perform translations between accounting standards. We compile the information system plan for the consolidation or translation, in which we make proposals regarding the changes needed in accounting, IT and system structures based on knowledge of the requirements and status assessments.

We compile the consolidated balance sheet, profit and loss account and the tables in the supplementary notes. We put together the textual information, the business report, and if required, other consolidated information in accordance with any other accounting standards.

During and depending on the nature of our work we deploy the ProVision consolidation software along with other electronic methods.

Accounting advisory
Application of the provisions of the Hungarian Accounting Law for unusual or rare economic events and transactions, the setup of the various financial reporting systems (e.g. IFRS, US-GAAP, HB-II), or the application of IFRS, US-GAAP or HB-II for certain business cases frequently challenges the accountants.

We can assist you in finding the solutions for these challenges. We can help you in thinking together and to find the answers and solutions. In particular, we can:

  • Advise on mergers and transformations
  • Support of implementation of IFRS, US-GAAP, HB-II reporting systems, compilation of financial statements
  • Prepare of accounting policies and procedures
  • Assist you in new business start-up

Address service
We offer address service to our clients which may cover:

  • The provision of legal address as included in the corporate registry
  • Takeover, scan and forwarding of mails
  • Sending of mails
  • Placement of company nameplate
  • Provision of meeting room 


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