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Outsourced bookkeeping and payrolls

Appropriate expertise and balance

In today's rapidly changing world, sharp competition means that reliable and up-to-date financial and accounting information is crucially important for successful management of the business.

Paying specialists that meet these raised expectations is often too much of a financial burden, while the size of companies generally means there is not even a full-time need for this service. By contrast, affordable human resources do not have the required insight or experience in all areas to resolve complex problems.

As a result, an increasing number of companies are realising that by outsourcing their accounting and payroll/HR tasks in part or in full:

  • They gain access to trained and experienced specialists, new technologies and tools
  • They can create significantly higher added value whilst keeping costs low
  • They enjoy greater flexibility in respect of the experts needed to perform the tasks.

Our team of specialists can help clients gain access, as required, to a finance director, bookkeeper, tax consultant, an IT expert well versed in the field of accounting as well as a controller that can communicate with the parent company and perform various accounting translations (HB II, IFRS, US-GAAP, etc.).


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