Hiring process

Campus hiring process

We want you to feel confident about our hiring process so you can put your best foot forward. Read on to get familiar with our recruiting and onboarding process.

Campus recruiting

 If your skills and interests match one of our available positions, we'll connect you to our hiring process, which typically follows the steps outlined below.   
Campus career fair and online application  

Submit your resume to us, either using your campus career services site or through our application system. Did you miss us at your campus career fair? Don't worry.

Submit your resume and application to us here

Interview process
Most interviews are done virtually via video and are approximately 30 minutes in length. Throughout the interview we’ll get to know you, understand your objectives, and evaluate your qualifications. You’ll have the opportunity to share details about your experiences, skills, and knowledge. You’ll be asked a variety of questions that relate to your work history, educational background, and extracurricular involvement. 
Following an interview, our recruiting team will be in touch with next steps regarding an offer. If you have an expiring offer and need to request an expedited process, be sure to let your recruiter know. 
Office visit 
As part of the recruiting process, it is our hope that you will be able to visit your preferred Crowe office. While we do cater to a flexible work environment, we recognize the importance of seeing the physical workspace firsthand.  
Our team will stay connected with you up until your first day with the firm. You might receive invitations to office events and outings as well as relevant firm updates prior to your start date.  

Ready for the next step?

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