Michael S. Levy

Casaral Inc.

| 3/8/2017
Crowe Soberman Best Accounting Firm Toronto Canada
I have been a client of [Crowe] Soberman LLP for over 30 years. I would highly recommend them because they have the most important attribute an accounting firm can have, which is loyalty to their clients. For over 30 years, they have been the backbone of my financial reporting and advisory life. They supported my business from infancy, working tirelessly to both provide the financial information we needed at the beginning stages, to enable us to grow and operate the business sensibly. As our companies grew, [Crowe] Soberman grew with us. For the past twenty years, Jerry Cukier has been the partner in charge of The Sports Clubs of Canada and our other operating entities. Jerry has shown consummate skill in providing the important financial advice we needed to meet bank objectives, grow the business without endangering capital, analytical services that enabled us to maximize returns from acquisitions and new operations, the tax planning abilities to enable us to maximize capital without impinging upon growth.

We have utilized many services over the past 30 years.

We have grown from requiring bookkeeping to auditing, tax planning, growth advisory services, acquisition analysis and divestiture of businesses. Regardless of the advice required, Jerry Cukier and [Crowe] Soberman were always there when we needed them. The mark of a great accounting firm is that they work to your schedule, have the skills necessary to provide steady, conservative and objective business advice, provide help in dealing with financial institutions and government bodies, all without complaint and always within budgeted parameters. On a personal level, Jerry provides needed counsel for estate planning, deals with trusts and tax planning and is a reliable confidant for myself, my wife and our children.

I highly recommend the services of [Crowe] Soberman LLP. Whether it be audit, tax, estate, financial advice or just a steady hand, they are there for you.

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