Adam K. Wagman

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP, Personal Injury Law

| 4/5/2017
Crowe Soberman Best Accounting Firm Toronto Canada
I retained Daniel as a forensic account in a complicated litigation matter that went on for over a decade, culminating in a long trial in 2016. Specifically, Daniel’s task was to determine the past and future loss of income for a physician with a complex work history. The result was a very detailed analysis that required Daniel and his team to examine not just the historical level of income, but the specific billing codes at issue in my client’s practice and the way in which the remuneration for those individual billing codes evolved over the years. Not only were Daniel’s several reports of great assistance in explaining the nature and degree of the loss, but his evidence at trial, in front of a jury, was clear, concise and extremely helpful to the jury’s understanding of the complex financial issues in the case. The proof of the quality of Daniel’s evidence is the result of the trial – the jury awarded my client compensation for the loss of income (a seven figure sum) that mirrored Daniel’s reports and evidence almost to the letter. We would not have achieved that result without Daniel’s participation and expertise. I would highly recommend Daniel and his team for such forensic accounting matters.

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