The 2018 CFE Results Are In

The 2018 CFE Results Are In

The 2018 CFE Results Are In

At Crowe Soberman, it’s our people that make a difference. Congratulations to all of our professionals who passed the 2018 Common Final Exam (CFE) at a 100% pass rate. Passing the CFE takes talent, diligence and extraordinary dedication. We’re incredibly proud of our people who’ve reached this momentous career milestone.

Our successful 2018 CFE candidates are:

Alex McRae

Alina Sedlak

Cameron Purdy

Haley Edwards

Jasmine Hui

Mahir Bharucha

Maya Lahav

Parker Holman

Samuel Tay

Susan Yu

Tatienne Wang

Tishain Selvarajah

The Common Final Examination (CFE) is a three-day national examination that ensures all newly qualified members are appropriately proficient in competencies essential to the practice of public accounting.

Congratulations also to our newly appointed Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Graeme Hamilton and to Heather MacDonald-Santiago for being awarded her Chartered Marketer (CM) designation.

Hats off to everyone on these well-deserved achievements.

The 2018 CFE Results Are In

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