Episode 3: Pave your own Path

Charting new Horizons in the CPA Landscape

Lauren Becker, Haley Edwards
| 3/21/2024

Join Lauren Becker, Director of Professional Development, and Haley Edwards, Manager in our Cloud Accounting group, in the third episode of our “Count Her In” series, "Pave your own Path: Charting new Horizons in the CPA Landscape."

Listen in as Lauren and Haley share their own journeys, breaking away from conventional career trajectories. From switching roles within the firm to exploring industry positions, they reveal how embracing change and staying true to their passions led them to fulfilling careers.

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Lauren Becker CFE Secret Weapon
Lauren Becker
Director, Professional Development
Haley Edwards Crowe Soberman
Haley Edwards
Manager, Cloud Accounting