Careers at Crowe Soberman

Internships & Co-ops

Here are some of the outstanding opportunities that come with being an intern or co-op student at Crowe Soberman.

Comprehensive Training

First class professional development is a key priority for our firm. It begins with a two-week dynamic orientation program that develops your technical and soft skills through the use of case studies. You will also have the opportunity to shadow a more experienced staff member, which will help you connect your classroom learning to the real life experience of an accounting firm. Learning never stops here, and core training sessions that focus on technical and personal development will be offered to you at all stages in your career.

Hands-on Experience

You will be based in Audit and Assurance, and throughout your work term you will gain invaluable experience through one-on-one interaction with partners. Your work will be in a variety of industries and different types of client files. Throughout your term, your orientation coach will be there to help ease the transition into the real world of accountancy and make your experience with us the most valuable it can be.

Different Seasons, Different Opportunities

Summer Interns
Winter Co-ops
Summer Interns

Rotational Program

Benefit from a glimpse into our other client services as you rotate through our specialty departments such as Tax, Corporate Recovery and Valuations.

Partner Mentorship Program

Get a glimpse into what it’s like to be a Partner at Crowe Soberman. You’ll get the opportunity to go for lunch with your mentor, hear about their experiences and even listen in on a few client calls!

CroweSo Cares

Giving back to the community is a high core value at Crowe Soberman, and we promote that culture from the beginning. You can look forward to taking part in a fundraising project led by you and your fellow interns!

Winter Co-ops
Crowe Soberman Best Accounting Firm Toronto Canada
Just as in the rest of the accounting world, winter is Crowe Soberman’s busiest season. As a co-op student, you’ll have excellent hands-on tax experience, and learn first hand what it is really like to work here full time. We know you’ll be working hard so we make sure there is lots of food and fun events (think massage day, candy bars, gelato day, jersey day) including an awesome busy season party at the end.

Why Choose Crowe Soberman?

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