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| 5/1/2018
Ragu Rajaratnam Crowe Soberman Careers
The program of Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo provided me with an education that opened doors and enriched my prospects. The rigorous course of study, as well as the intense co-op program, not only shaped my thought processes at an early age, but also my ethics and work habits.

After my co-op experience in a smaller firm, I realized that to grow personally and professionally I needed to work with larger clients, a broader scope of industries and opportunities for career advancement. I found all these at Crowe Soberman.

The beauty of Crowe Soberman is that while it has large clients with revenues in the hundreds of millions in a range of industries, it allows staff to work on all aspects of a file, from planning to completion. This has allowed me to hone my soft skills by dealing with internal auditors, board members, executives and staff at all levels throughout engagements.

I am extremely happy with my career progress. Since writing this post, I have been promoted to Partner - Crowe Soberman is a firm that encourages growth and development from within. 

However, for me, the social component of working at Crowe Soberman is as important as career growth. An environment of individual drive as well as willingness to support one another is fostered through firm-sponsored activities, but is even more evident in the long lasting relationships we build outside the work place.

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