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| 3/1/2018
Joel Podbere
Just like sports figures such as Andrew Wiggins and Brett Hull, and political figures like Justin Trudeau, I have followed the career footsteps of my father, a chartered professional accountant. As my mother is a bookkeeper, my uncle a controller and my father’s uncle a chartered professional accountant, I guess it’s in the blood. Perhaps that’s why on entering McGill University in Montreal, I never considered any major other than accounting.

After passing the UFE in 2004, what attracted me to the firm (which was then Soberman LLP) was not only the opportunity to work with so many skilled professionals, but also its family atmosphere, which even includes the most senior partners of the firm.

Over the years since then, and now as a partner in the firm, I see Crowe Soberman’s unique nature on a daily basis. Our firm is genuine in its belief that it succeeds only when its staff and clients succeed. My favourite part of my job is knowing that the work I have done has had a positive impact on a staff member or client.

And my fulfilling work days are topped off when I go home to my wife, Caryn, and our two lively children, Samantha and Eddie.

If career aptitude really does run in the genes, I’m glad mine led me into accountancy, and particularly to Crowe Soberman.

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