Saskatchewan's COVID-19 Provincial Response

| 3/27/2020

The Government of Saskatchewan introduced their economic aid measures for residents in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their COVID-19 Provincial Response for individuals and businesses can be found here.

Support for Individuals

Job Protected Leave

Amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act will ensure:

  • Employees can access unpaid public health emergency leave;
  • Removal of the requirement of 13 consecutive weeks of employment with an employer prior to accessing sick leave; and
  • Removal of the provision requiring a doctor's note or certificate.

Self-Isolation Support Program

The Self-Isolation Support Program is targeted at Saskatchewan workers forced to self-isolate in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, and who are not covered by recent federally announced employment insurance programs and other supports. The program will provide $450 per week, for a maximum of two weeks, or $900.

To be eligible, residents of Saskatchewan must meet these criteria:

  • they have contracted COVID-19 or are showing symptoms; 
  • they have been in contact with an individual infected with COVID-19; or
  • they have recently returned from international travel and have been required to self-isolate;


  • they are not eligible for compensation including sick leave, vacation leave from their employer;
  • they do not have private insurance covering such disruptions; and
  • they are not covered by other programs such as federal employment insurance that has been updated.

Student Loan Repayment Moratorium

Effective immediately, a six-month student loan repayment moratorium has been put in place, mirroring a similar federal provision.

Provincial Training Allowance and Skills Training Benefit Programs Repayment Moratorium

In recognition of the financial pressures created by COVID-19, the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training has introduced a repayment moratorium for the Provincial Training Allowance and Skills Training Benefit Programs. This provides individuals with overpayments immediate relief. The moratorium is effective April 6, 2020, and will be revisited in three months.

Labour Market Services

Saskatchewan Labour Market Services offer career, employment and training information and services to Saskatchewan residents. These services continue to be available from anywhere in the province, by calling or emailing your nearest Labour Market Services office.

Immigration Services

If you have applied through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and have questions about your application or status or require other assistance, please contact (306) 798 7467 or [email protected].

Support for Businesses

Allowable Business Services

The following are deemed critical public services or allowable business services by the province, and can continue to operate in accordance with social distancing practices:

  • Health care and public health workers
  • Law enforcement
  • Public safety and first responders
  • Production, processing and manufacturing and the supporting supply chains
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Government and community services
  • Media and telecommunications
  • Construction including maintenance and repair
  • Select retail services
  • Banking and financial services

Find the complete detailed list of allowable business services here.

Managing Staffing and Leave

Find more information on provincial programs and legislation to help manage staffing, work-sharing, layoffs, and leave here.

Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payment (SSBEP)

The Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payment (SSBEP) provides a one-time grant for small and medium-sized enterprises directly affected by government public heath orders related to COVID-19. Grants will be paid based on 15% of a business's monthly sales revenue, to a maximum of $5,000.

Provincial Sales Tax

Saskatchewan businesses which are unable to remit their PST due to cashflow concerns will have three-month relief from penalty and interest charges.

Audit program and compliance activities have been suspended to allow businesses time to focus on the health and safety of their customers and staff, reduce impacts to their business operations, and help prevent the spread of the virus through reduced audit travel.

For further details, download the Information Notice

Provincial Utilities

All Crown utilities will implement bill-deferral programs allowing zero interest for up to six months for Saskatchewan customers impacted by COVID-19. 

Workers' Compensation Board

Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is waiving premium penalities for employers effective April 1 until June 9, 2020.

COVID-19 Products and Supplies

COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge that calls for extraordinary measures including the procurement of products, supplies, and solutions to help fight the spread of the pandemic. If you are a Saskatchewan business, innovator, or supplier and you think you have a solution that can help fight COVID-19, you may direct your submission to [email protected].

Support for Oil and Gas Sector

A number of relief measures are being implemented for the oil and gas sector. These include extending a series of filing and other deadlines, extending mineral rights scheduled to expire in 2020, reducing the Oil and Gas Administration Levy by 50% this fiscal year and delaying the invoicing of the remaining balance until October 1, 2020.