[Trust] Falling into Partnership

Celebrating 50 Years

Christine Heemskerk
Christine Heemskerk

In my 16 years with Crowe MacKay, there have been many memories made, but some of my favourites are from our firm’s annual conferences. At the first Managers Conference that I was able to attend, I remember meeting so many great people and being welcomed wholeheartedly. It was special that everyone came from all over Western and Northern Canada. We still host this conference today for our professionals and it’s still just as special.

Once I became a partner I then attended our partner meetings. The meetings are always eventful. At one in particular, I remember we did team-building exercises. We had many laughs and a few awkward moments. We had to do some trust exercises and I was partnered with Sean Gilbert - we had to fall and catch each other; he was a very special and amazing person.

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Partner, Calgary