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Devon Huber
News Story
| 11/4/2019
Crowe Young Leaders Academy

The Crowe Young Leadership Academy is orchestrated by Crowe Global. The program has been designed to advance our global strategic plan, increasing collaboration, joint business development, and tangible results through cross-border business wins for our network of firms. It has been running for four years, with intentions to impact future leaders, strengthening their relationships with individuals across the network, and developing an “international” business growth mindset.

The Crowe Global Network believes in investing in its people. One way in which they do this is to host an annual Young Leadership Academy that connects 35 young professionals from member firms in Sainte Marguerite, France. The purpose is to bring together our next generation of leaders, begin to build and cultivate cross-border relationships, and the trust that is needed to generate and execute cross-border work. The primary focus of this seminar is to improve business development and networking skills. When we build teams that have these skill sets and values, our growth is unlimited, and our clients receive lasting value through smart decision-making.

This year Senior Tax Manager, Devon Huber, attended the 5th annual Crowe Leadership Academy. He shares his experience and what new skills he brought back to his clients in Vancouver.

I had the pleasure of being invited to and attending the 2019 Young Leadership Academy of the EMEA region in Sainte Marguerite, France. This three-day program brought together extremely talented young professionals from within the EMEA region to build upon their leadership and business development skills. As an attendee, I can’t speak more highly of this program and the experiences I had personally.

The program itself focused on fostering effective and actionable ways to develop business relationships, both within the Crowe network and externally. The 35 participants attending the program were taught how to grow and cultivate business relationships as well as how to overcome barriers that can prevent the growth of these relationships. I have personally been able to take these lessons and techniques developed at the Young Leadership Academy and begin to champion them within our local firm. I believe this will be paramount to both our regional success as well as the network’s success as a whole if we wish to grow Crowe’s presence globally.

The time spent in the program sessions learning and developing professional skills provided the attendees a wealth of knowledge; however, I believe the time the participants had outside of the training sessions to network with one another was a truly invaluable experience. I personally have always been of the mindset that the strongest business relationships you can foster are the ones where you can meet the individuals face-to-face and get to know them on a personal level. Throughout the three days at the Young Leadership Academy, I had the pleasure of meeting amazing and talented young professionals from across the EMEA region. These young professionals represent the future leaders of our global network and the individuals that will champion its growth and success. Having these young leaders come together to begin cultivating these cross-border and cross-cultural relationships acts to further strengthen the global network and Crowe brand into the future. I personally made friendships and business relationships at this Young Leadership Academy that I continue to maintain today. These international relationships are vital for the future growth of the global network. This investment in our young leaders today translates to Crowe’s success tomorrow.

Devon Huber
Devon Huber