Crowe MacKay's Contributions to Individual Growth

Celebrating 50 Years

Ryan Livesey
Ryan Livesey

Crowe is more than just a business. It’s a firm that offers opportunities for professionals to grow their careers, as well as grow as individuals, through their yearly conferences as well as opportunities to work outside of the scope of our day-to-day accounting work. Additionally, the firm is accepting of an excellent work/life balance which allows me to make sure all the needs in my personal life are fulfilled while still allowing me to grow as a professional. The Crowe culture accepts everyone, including my family. We frequently have events that invite families and we, including my family, always look forward to these events. In a professional setting, Crowe gives us the ability to learn and grow as a professional through the tools, resources, and knowledge of senior staff. Our staff are trained at a very high standard and this allows us to tap into these resources firm-wide.

The CPA program that has been put in place, in my opinion, is the best in the business. They offer us support early on in the process and have all the resources and tools needed to succeed. If it wasn’t for the program that is offered and mentors along the way, earning the designation would be much more difficult. I am extremely grateful to everyone that helped me get to and pass the CFE in September 2018.

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Staff Accountant, Yellowknife