Crowe MacKay CEO is a Small Part of History with Big Impact

Bruce Picton
Bruce Picton Student Conference

My time with Crowe MacKay is less than 4 years. A small part of the 50 years of Crowe MacKay’s proud history.

Since joining CM I have great new friends and many new adventures. My role as CEO of Crowe has taken me from Yellowknife to Costa Rica. From Whitehorse to Berlin. From Regina to Nashville.  

Before joining Crowe MacKay I had never been to Whitehorse or Yellowknife. Among my memories are dogsledding at the 2017 Student Conference in Yellowknife. A fantastic experience for our young students from across our region.

 Bruce Picton Fish Background

Our connection to Crowe LLP in the US is important to our future. My attendance at the Crowe LLP Partner meeting in Nashville was remarkable. A group of us worked with a country music artist to record an interesting version of a song. 

Bruce Picton Nashville Music

I was fortunate to attend the Crowe Global European Conference in Dublin in the Spring of 2018. Crowe MacKay has Crowe friends across the globe. I won’t forget walking the exciting streets of Dublin with Stefan and sampling Guinness. 

 Bruce Picton Dublin

Crowe MacKay is built on the core values of We Care, We Share, We Invest, and We Grow. I’ve witnessed the truth off these values since joining Crowe MacKay. At work and at play we are all friends willing to help each other.

 Bruce Picton and Team in Arizona

Congratulations on 50 fabulous years Crowe MacKay. 

50 years Crowe Logo

Bruce Picton

Chief Executive Officer