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Russ Law
Russ Law Crowe MacKay Christmas Party

At our 2015 Partner Conference held in Scottsdale, the Partners went for dinner at a restaurant that had a pool (about 2 feet deep) right in the middle of the tables. I made a bet with Murray Bye ($100 USD) that he would not run through the pool. He did. The only thing was my wife slipped off her heels and ran through the pool just after he did. She did not get paid for it though. Apparently both their actions upset the management of the restaurant. Liability concerns I understand.

Then nots let forget when Norm McIntyre shaved off half of his moustache at my suggestion and dared show up the next morning. That also cost me some money. I think Norm had a good start on re-growing one half of his moustache the next day. All man I guess.

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Russ Law

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