A Very Scottish Christmas Party

Celebrating 50 Years

Elizabeth McVicar
Elizabeth McVicars 50th Memory

One year, the Vancouver partners—Iain MacKay, David George, York Wong, Hugh Livingstone, and Leo Nicolaas—all wore kilts to the Christmas party, which was held at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Iain, of course, had his own kilt, but the other four rented their outfits.

Iain and David were both born and raised in Scotland, so they were quite at ease in their kilts. The others, however, were somewhat apprehensive about attending a party in the unfamiliar clothing.

One of them told me that he waited in his car until he saw some of the other partners arrive because he wanted to make sure they weren’t playing a practical joke on him.

One of them confided that he really wasn’t certain what was supposed to be worn under the kilt. He opened his sporran and showed me that he had a pair of boxers with him, just in case.

All five of them looked very elegant and caused quite a stir at that year’s Christmas party.


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