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Settlement of Tax Disputes and Voluntary Disclosures

The fiscal environment in which taxpayers evolve is becoming more complex by the day. Meanwhile, the vigilance of the tax authorities, both federal and provincial, is growing. In fact, there is an increase of tax audits of taxpayers and it covers an ever growing number of aspects.

In such a context where, despite the goodwill to comply, a breach of tax obligations is identified, it may be wise to correct the situation through the voluntary disclosure program before the situation is subjected to a costly audit by the tax authorities

What can Crowe BGK do for you?

  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the taxpayer’s situation and strategic advice
  • Audit assistance
  • Client representations to the tax authorities when the dispute continues at the objection level
  • Negotiations with the tax authorities
  • Conclusion of agreements for payment of tax debts
  • Preparation of voluntary disclosure of records

Did you know?

  • At any time during the process of a tax dispute, you can contact your Crowe BGK advisor to obtain practical advice. However, by involving your Crowe BGK advisor from the beginning of an audit or upon receipt of a request for information from the tax authorities, you maximize your chances of obtaining the best possible outcome. In fact, the first moments of a litigation process are often crucial since the information provided to the tax authorities may influence the course and duration of the litigation.
  • When the time comes to showing that the tax treatment that you applied is adequate and that you respected your tax obligations, it is better to proceed in writing rather than verbally. This obliges the tax authorities to consider and analyze the merits of your position and prevent your arguments from being easily dismissed.
  • Certain subjects particularly attract the attention of tax authorities, hence are largely susceptible to an in-depth analysis during an audit to ensure that everything is well-documented. If a problem is found, a voluntary disclosure may be given. Your Crowe BGK advisor would be pleased to further discuss matters with you.

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