2018 Fall Economic Update Crowe BGK

A look at Canada’s 2018 Fall Economic Update

Mathieu Ouellette, CPA, CA, L.L.M. Tax, Daniel, A. Brisebois, L.L.B., D.D.N., M. Tax
2018 Fall Economic Update Crowe BGK

During this Fall economic update on November 21, 2018, the Minister of Finance of Canada announced Canada’s reaction to the recent United States tax reform, which took the guise of important modifications to the Capital Cost Allowance system of Canada’s fiscal regime.


As a result, all assets acquired from November 21, 2018 onward will have access to accelerated depreciation rates in the first year ranging from an increase of 150% to 300% of the allowance previously available.

An even higher concession was made for assets in the manufacturing and processing sectors and for clean energy equipment as the full cost amount of these assets will be completely deductible in the first year.

Anti-abusive provisions have been put in place to prevent misuse of these new provisions, in particular where the assets are acquired from non-arm’s length persons or through rollovers provisions.

Theses new measures are expected to enhance business investments in Canada and to help local businesses growth.

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Mathieu Ouellette, CPA, CA, LL.M Tax, is a Tax Partner at Crowe BGK

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Daniel A. Brisebois, L.L.B., D.D.N., M. Tax is a Tax Specialist at Crowe BGK

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